Akers & Associates - Commercial and Procurement Advisory and Management Services
What we offer is direct experience in and understanding of:
  • all phases of a project, from inception and business case planning through to physical delivery and steady state
  • the interdependencies between the various phases of a project’s lifecycle
  • the pitfalls and challenges confronting the delivery of successful and complex projects
  • creating and managing project teams, including internal staff and external advisers with all the necessary skill sets and across all project phases
  • stakeholder and relationship management across all facets of government and the private sector
  • sensitive and challenging projects demanding highly controlled governance arrangements
  • strategic planning and negotiation lead for tender or sole source incumbent negotiations

Add to that:
  • a strategic commercial approach with a desire to also ensure the details are taken care of
  • experience across a wide variety of project types and delivery models
  • direct commercial & contract management experience in complex PPP projects, including telecommunication PPPs, toll roads, DBFM availability road PPPs, public transport smartcard ticketing systems and private prisons
  • the benefit of hindsight from all this experience to apply to your project from the outset

We can help you:
  • articulate and scope your project through its feasibility and business case planning
  • set the foundations for a successful project through well balanced and thorough procurement and market assessment
  • establish the right risk allocation and commercial framework to encourage market acceptance
  • by managing your project through the tender process to negotiations and contract execution
  • by managing (or supporting the management of) the commercial and legal aspects of your project through all phases
  • establish the right team structure and supporting tools to successfully develop and contract manage your project through to completion of the construction and delivery phase and into an operational state
  • ensure you have the right governance model in place to manage the interests of all associated stakeholders
  • strategically plan and lead your project negotiations - whether that be with preferred proponents selected through a tender process, or complex sole source incumbent renegotiations

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